South American Coffee Fairies are remarkably skilled and productive, but difficult to manage. So we chained ours to the espresso machine in the basement. They’re cranky, but they make the best coffee drinks. They use only the finest Arabica beans, and strive to make each coffee and espresso drink the best you’ve ever experienced. We don’t know how they do it, but we’re happy to share the end result with you.

Likewise, our Baking Sprites have a passion for fresh baked goods. We blush when customers tell us our scones and cinnamon rolls are the best they’ve ever tasted. We’re pleased to take credit for the quality, because Baking Sprites only work from 5 am to 7 am and don’t like talking to customers, anyway.

Tired of the same old donuts or bagels for your morning meeting? We would love to bake scones or coffee cake for you. Fresh from our kitchen to your meeting . . . give us a call at 573-2277 to place your order today.

Looking for something new for lunch? We serve lunch — quiche and a mini-cheesy scone — on Thursday and Friday. Stop by for a slice, you'll be glad you did!


Monday: 7am-noon
Tuesday -Saturday: 7am to 2pm

(we close at noon on Saturday Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekend)

Sunday: Closed

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